The Law Firm of Andrea Hence Evans, LLC provides patent, trademark and copyright law services. We tailor our intellectual property law services for each client.
The following list describes some of our services.


  • Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Application Filing and Prosecution
  • Prior Art Novelty Searches
  • Patent Application Drafting (Provisional and Non-Provisional)
  • Response to Office Actions and Examiner Interviews
  • Patent Validity Opinions
  • Patent Infringement Reports
  • Patent Appeals and Interferences
  • Prosecution of Accelerated Patent Applications under the USPTO's new rules and procedures (RECEIVE A FULL DISPOSITION IN ONLY ONE YEAR!)


  • Comprehensive Search of Federal and State databases
  • Filing of Trademark Applications
  • Response to Office Actions
  • Opposition Proceedings
  • Cancellation Proceedings
  • Trademark portfolio analysis


  • Filing of Copyright Applications

We also provide intellectual property counseling services, international intellectual property consulting, and intellectual property litigation and licensing services.
We also provide customized patent, trademark and copyright training services. Attorney Evans also is available for expert witness services.