• Identified as a Patent expert witness by Defendant, Nashwa Holt, inCase No. 125719-FL Consolidated with Case No. 110828-FL in theCircuit Court for Montgomery County, Maryland (Eric F. Holt v. Nashwa Holt).
  • Served as a Trademark expert witness for Plaintiff/Counter-Defendant JFY Properties II, LLC (“JFY” or “Plaintiff”)) in Civil ActionNo: Civil Action No.: 1:17-cv-1653-ELH in the United States DistrictCourt for the District of Maryland (Northern Division) (JFYProperties II LLC v Obrecht Commercial Real Estate, Inc., et al. andGunther Land, LLC.
  • Served as a Trademark expert witness for Defendant PremiereMarketing, LLC in Civil Action No. 3-19-cv-3022 in the UnitedStates District Court for the Northern District of Texas (DallasDivision) (Transparent Energy, LLC v Premiere Marketing, LLC)

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